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Busy, busy, busy….

I’ve been busy today… I created a webring for Pagan crocheters. I hope many sites join the ring.


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~~~Crone’s Comfort Circles Charity Project ~~~

I’m asking for donations to my Crone’s Comfort Circles Project. I would like to collect motifs. basically the first round of a traditional granny square. I will take these little motifs donated from other Crocheters and assemble them into afghans and other items for different Pagan charities. you can make comfort circles with your left over bits of yarn and send them to me. You can mail 5 to 8 motifs for the cost of a single first class stamp.

knitters: don’t feel left out! I will work with knitted motifs also… contact me we can work that out.

If you would like to donate, want more information on the project or a pattern for motifs Please contact me: crochetcrone@comcast.net

Thank you inadvance!

Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Crones_Crochet_Circle
Group email: Crones_Crochet_Circle@yahoogroups.com

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Cookie Witches

I had my annual cookie exchange today… it was quite fun. I tell you what… It is interesting the places you meet new witches… I’m in the broom closet with my family. and at my sister’s house today… there was a fellow witch there… I knew right away when I say her… next thing you know… she pulls crystals out of her purse… then Essential oils… my sister is passing the stuff around saying isn’t this stuff cool! then she says OH… Jen reads cards….. and she was so excited! I’m thinking to my self… Ok! is this my sister… is she drunk? I have crystals all over my house! I read cards! I work with Runes! So, I just my sister is more open than I give her credit for. Her boyfriend’s father is a Minister in a church in Missouri. I thought they would be the first of my family to be close minded. I guess I was wrong! Very interesting discovery! So, maybe I can… stick a foot out the door to feel the temperature!

Lori ~ Crochet Crone

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Hello world!

Wow! I can’t believe I’m blogging! I never thought I’d be doing this, but times they are a changin’. Welcome to my blog. Merry Meet!

I have been crocheting since I was young. recently I started creating my own pagan patterns. I host a Yahoo Group come join in on Exchanges. We will be doing a Tarot Bag Exchange again in January.

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